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In the Summer of 2015, the three of us started hanging out on a regular basis. We met at various group art shows, finding out we had the same group of artists and art loving friends in common. By the end of the summer, we would each bring up our ideas of mind blowing art projects we’d like to work on; from painting a mural on the side of a local business, to working a corporate gig to fund future art goals. Then JPO said, “I’ve always wanted to produce a street art magazine, that’s given out for free to expose emerging artists and give them a platform for the neighborhoods of NYC.”


Greg Frederick revealed his 10+ year history of working in the publishing world, and BD White was a victim of circumstance. The host of many crazy “think tanks,” he was easily pulled into this crazy venture we collectively call Sold Magazine. We are honored to present special features on street artists from studio visits, traveling their art to new cities, to being the lookout on the streets as they put up new work. Our mutual goal is to make Sold a solid source for NYC artists and their admirers. 


In November 2015, we launched a Kickstarter campaign. With help from talented artists and passionate art lovers, we were able to produce this first 3 issues in full color! Each issue launched with a release party selling featured art, and giving away copies at subway stations and art supply stores for FREE! 

In May 2017, we expanded the team and brought on our Editor, Erica Stella. Sold Magazine took the story telling exclusively online with "The Daily Dose" of content, and have grown our audience on multiple platforms. Shortly afterward we began our weekly podcast, "In The Spray Room". Subscribe on all platforms, and look out for the next big thing from the Sold Crew.



JPO, Greg Frederick & BD White


(L-R) Greg Frederick, BD White, JPO

Photo by: Angielmv Photography

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