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Sarah Sansom

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Sarah applies her creativity from a graphic design background to photographing street art throughout cities in the US and Europe. Originally from the UK, her mission is to inspire others by introducing them to artists’s work and sharing mural locations, with the goal of making art accessible to all.  A creative director with 25 years of marketing experience in London and New York, Sarah is now based in lower Manhattan with her graphic designer husband and one small cat. 

Sarah's Posts

Audrey Connolly

A life long photographer Audrey, known on the streets as Bytegirl, got her first camera at the age of four. An award winning landscape and street photographer.  Bytegirl has walked the streets of New York City since 1995. 


Heavily influenced by artists like Norman Rockwell and the idea of being able to tell a story in a single shot, she began to notice that more and more street art was entering her frame.  Eventually she got up the nerve to talk to the artists whose work was becoming part of her stories.  That is when, for the first time in her life, she found her tribe, her people... fellow artists. Watching creativity and imagination come to life is her drug of choice and street artists are her pushers. 

ByteGirl's Posts

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Joanna Pan


Joanna Pan enjoys photographing public art and is especially drawn to graffiti’s dynamic wildstyle lettering, characters, and caricatures.  She loves investigating and relaying stories shared with her by artists, curators, organizers, and activists.  She is particularly interested in the rights of artists under the law.

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Spectator has 3 passions in life: running, photography and street/urban art.  He has been running the streets, cataloging, documenting, and spectating the NYC streets and popular art hubs across America for over a decade.  He remains a private person and prefers that all the focus should be on the art and the artist. 

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Claudia Reyes

Claudia Reyes is from the Bronx, New York. She is a photographer and artist capturing street art and graffiti in New York City for over a decade. She contributes to the "In The Spray Room" podcast whenever she has a chance! 

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The Echo Parker

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The Echo Parker was born and raised in Los Angeles.  Interest in photography began as a teenager, photographing street life, live band performance and all types of artist.  “Photos, not Snapshots” is what she lives by, and drives her passion. She is inspired to capture special moments as muralists create art.  

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Raul Barquet


Raul Barquet is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary artist, writer and independent curator originally from Staten Island, NY. He is passionate about text based art in various settings both on and off the streets.

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The Kiddist

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 12.32.43

Sold Magazine's youngest contributor, The Kiddist chronicles his journeys of tracking down street artists across the globe, interviewing them and asking for them to sign his black book. He is fortunate to get to travel with his parents, and his little brother, Dysastrophy.

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Additional Contributors

Nick McManus


Nick McManus is a group portrait artist who works on Polaroid here in NYC. His work is as much exhibited as it is published and has held solo shows at Ace HotelCity Bird Gallery and Chrome Industries while simultaneously being seen in in SOLD, NY Mag's Bedford+Bowery and BUST Magazine. Nick's methods were recently featured in the short film "A Story Told in Polaroid" which premiered this past May at the Bicycle Film Festival. He does not take fees for his photography and anyone who would want their group or event documented can contact him at peacenick(at)

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Julius July


Julius July is a photographer, model, and actor with deep interests in art, music, fashion, and beyond. Known for his colorful style, he has worked on campaigns for brands such as Uber and Kangol. Catch him on the streets, and if you don't blink, catch him on your favorite tv shows. 

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Steve Stoppert

Steve Stoppert. Just your average art lover. Gateway drug to art in the street JIM JOE. Favorite thing is hunting street art on my bicycle. I'm a point and shoot kinda guy.

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