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The Great Wall of Savas

A street art installation, The Great Wall of Savas blossomed at the corner of 43rd Ave & 38th St in Queens last summer, and has continued to grow and change through recent months. The surrounding walls of this building are meant to give the experience of a museum gallery, but outdoors.

NYC entrepreneur Savas Tsitiridis grew up in Queens, where he still runs some of his businesses. He is an art collector and defender of street art. He has graciously allowed the exterior walls of a large Yellow Taxi garage in Queens to be converted into a rotating art installations by artists from all over the world.

Include works by: AcooL55, Ethan Armen, D7606, whisbe, Dr. Scott, martiancodeart, phoebenewyork, City Kitty, MegZany, Dirt Cobain, and many more.

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