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  • Words by Sold Mag - Photos by Steve Stoppert

AM Art Stop "Shot Of The Week" 5.5.17

One of the special parts of our NEW Sold Magazine, is having more of our favorite people involved! Introducing... Steve Stoppert. He's "Just your average art lover." His gateway drug to art in the street was JIM JOE (a very prolific name in the street art world). One of his favorite things to do is hunting on his bicycle and mostly at the wee hours of the morning, when NYC calms down a bit. Strapped with just a point and shoot camera, he's able to capture shots not many others can. Steve has been posting what he calls "The AM Art Stop" now for years on social media (@amartstop). So for us it was a no brainer to invite him to do a weekly series called....AM Art Stop "Shot of the Week" !

To get us started, here are two shots for this week. Take it away, Steve!

Artist: Sirus Fountain @pyramidoracle

Location: 2nd Ave and Houston Street

Artist: City Kitty @citykittystreet, Carlos Colp @colp_one.

Location: Rivington St and Bowery, LES

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