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  • Words by Jonathan Neville & Ramiro

Dripped On The Road

Dripped On The Road left New York in early November with six artists in a 35-foot RV headed south on a month long traveling Artist Residency Program. DOTR traveled the USA visiting several cities where they painted murals, hosted community talks and camped in State and RV parks, where they created works of art for an upcoming gallery exhibition in Miami, FL during Miami Art Basel.

This novel artist residency program is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based street artist Ramiro Davaro-Comas. While he takes on the role of DOTR Director, Co-Owners Jonathan Neville and Denton Burrows, artists Grace Lang and Nicole Salgar and videographer Lisa Bolden of Elixer Motion Picture were all part of the inaugural trip.

One of the goals for DOTR was to be known for fun jobs that offer artists unique experiences. For example, painting and camping at International music festivals, and transforming a defunct berry farm in NJ into an outdoor mural gallery. These artists found themselves participating in seances, burning wormwood, and dancing in circles around a fire. Needless to say, the DOTR crew has experienced life on the road!

Sold Magazine sat down with Ramiro recently, to get the scoop on what DOTR is all about.

Sold Mag: Explain to our readers, what the main goals of Dripped On The Road are?

Ramiro Davaro-Comas: Dripped On The Road is a traveling artist residency program that is based out of an RV. The program provides artists with a mobile platform to create work, different opportunities to paint murals along the way, and an exhibition at the end of the program of the work created in duration. We bring artists together through different parts of the country to see and paint America from the ground up. The true American Spirit.

SM: There are so many artist residency programs around the country and abroad. Have you heard of any similar?

RDC: None that I know of. People have of course gotten together, traveled and painted - but nothing with a programmatic base and mission statement. First of all, our artists receive a stipend, all of their art supplies and most food is paid for. Each artist is specifically chosen for the project based on their merit and ability to handle this kind of project.

Our program is unique because we travel, 99% of all residencies are in a static location, with the intention of being inspired by that location only. Because we travel, we provide an experience that is rarely seen in the creative world today because our artists are constantly seeing new things, and being confronted with new challenges. This is a hands-on mission.... a wild animal.

We traveled and lived together while creating, knowing that at the end of this we all really want to show some good work. Living and traveling in an RV (or 2 at a time), is challenging enough, add the pressure of a few days to paint in each city; mural to mural, while also creating small works along the way. We thrived off the toughest parts of the trip! Everyday was filled with fun and excitement, and the sweet feeling of not knowing what could happen next!

SM: How long were you guys on the road total? How much were you able to accomplish in that time?

RDC: We were out there for a total of 6 weeks! Originally it was only going to be 4, but we got one last job in Miami that was huge, so we decided to stay longer... an unreal experience. We... well, Denton drove 3800 miles. We painted a total of 13 murals, gave 2 guest lectures, 9 cities, a 2-night exhibition in Miami at FU Gallery during Art Basel, and how could I not mention - we drank 1,000,000 PBRs! The stops were Bethlehem PA, Falls Lake NC, Durham NC, Spartanburg SC, Atlanta GA, Savannah GA, Charleston SC, Orlando FL, and Miami FL.

SM: Whoa, what was that RV like? I'm sure everyone expects a real jalopy wagon with its own ecosystem but from the pictures, it looks like you guys were traveling in style.

RDC: Yea, the RV was amazing. Actually, we had 2. One was Lisa's, our videographer. She basically had her own little apartment in there with all the film and editing equipment. Her RV was a mobile home, very cozy. The Big RV was a wild animal though. Everyone had their own little cubby, and spot where they slept. While we did our best to keep it clean, dude. It was a disaster. I couldn't find half my stuff most of the time, it was hard to stay organized. But it was amazing, we had our own traveling apartment/studio and we partied wherever we went. We could show up at a campsite, draw, cook, play some music, and then have a party!

SM: What are DOTR's plans for the future?

RDC: We want to bring this experience to as many artists as possible & paint as much of America as we can! Our plan is to keep growing and evolving. We aim to on 3 different tours in 2017, with the 1st hopefully happening in the Spring. Being that we are in the growth stages, we have different partners and sponsors that we would like to get involved with, and looking for new locations to paint walls. Additionally, we look at new artists to ride this wild dragon, paint and experience America with us! Since everything has been documented by Lisa, we are going to be releasing additional episodes, and a longer documentary video this year. In the meantime, check out Lisa's episode on our website now: and if you are an artist interested in getting involved, please apply!

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