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pinkPOWER invades NYC

Yulia Vanifatieva aka Hulya is a Russian street artist known for her street art project, PINKPOWER.

As per Yulia, the "pink" is a metaphor of femininity which is made out of "flesh and blood" and with no "sugar & cakes, sweets of any kind". PINK POWER is a tough and aggressive project, despite the fact that pink is perceived as a naive and sentimental color. Her style is the opposition of the culture of gloss, well-being, a fanatical cult of plastic beauty and high fashion. She wants to take the aggression & rudeness from the streets, the visual language and techniques from the glamour and provide a smorgasbord of beautiful franken-art.

In her studio work, she uses magazines instead of canvases, cosmetics instead of paint, money instead of paper, and sketches in the style of fashion illustrations. She doesn't want to dwell on one technique, but to experiment with surfaces and styles, in the overall concept. In her street work she mixes gritty and messy blends aspects of magazine culture, street culture and fashion into one of her muses.


During Yulia's recent visit to NYC she has painted walls & shutter gates with JMZ in Bushwick and EastVillageWalls in the East Village. She is currently part of a group show on female empowerment, "The She Inspires Show" is on view through May 20 at The Untitled Space Gallery at 45 Lispenard St, NY NY.

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