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  • Words by John Domine

Save The Bunny 2

When four artists descend on Lower Manhattan to paint a wall in a local park, the result is nothing short of magic, with quite a bit of fun along the way.

@adamdare and @madmanart
@adamdare @madmanart @kwuemolly @hektad_official
the whole gang!

This past Sunday, Adam Dare, Kwue Molly, MDMN and Hektad met up at the First Street Art Park to work on a collaborative wall in anticipation of their upcoming group show entitled “VIBRANT”, which opens today, Wednesday, May 10th at The Storefront Project, at 70 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. The work they created, “Save the Bunny”, mirrors that sentiment, with wild colors and an empowering spirit. It gives us a preview of one of the canvases that will be on display at their show.

@adamdare @kalin_hart_talbott @kwuemolly @madmanart

Aside from the amazing work created by these four artists, the festive energy throughout the day brought out the best in the artists and spectators alike. Some, like Kalin Hart Talbott, felt inspired enough to join in on the fun, going head over heels to the applause and smiles of the growing crowd.

@kwuemolly @adamdare  @hektad_official

Thanks to the artists and everyone who came out to support them. They not only pulled a rabbit out of their collective hat, but many smiles as well!

@adamdare and @hektad_official
@adamdare @kwuemolly @madmanart @hektad_official

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