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In A Split Second, Raphael Gonzalez

"In A Split Second", Raphael Gonzalez's Opening Reception was last Thursday night, and so many were in attendance. Our dear friend, Sold Magazine Contributor, and talented photographer known as Zurbaran1, experienced a health scare recently, deeming this show almost impossible. But his fellow street artists came together to help out their great friend & make sure this night came to fruition! We are all so thankful for them.

It was an amazing evening at the MIDOMA Gallery, a Hollenberg Bros pop up shop and sculpted dresses from Holly Suzanne Radar, along with live music and refreshments. MIDOMA (located at 545 8th Avenue, Suite 750), is committed to being an alternative exhibition space for fine artists. They represent a new artist every month including a meet the artist reception. Definitely check them out!

Raphael's collection came together with a mix of collaboration pieces, mixed media, print on metal, canvas and wood with resin finish. “In A Split Second” is based on street art photography and in particular, the public, yet very personal interactions between the artists, and their work, as they are creating it. All photography freezes split seconds in time. In addition, a split second can also be the difference between the image you see in your mind, and the one you wind up with in your camera.

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