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A Moment... with Marcin Wlodarczyk

"I am just going with the flow…"

I made a quick drive up to Yonkers recently to meet Marcin Wlodarczyk, one of this year’s roster of artists who are adding their work to the streets as part of Yonkers Art Weekend 2017. A member of Urban Studio Unbound in Yonkers (an Artist Gallery and Collective), Marcin was a natural choice to participate in this year’s mural additions.

Born in Poland, Marcin moved to New York City in 1996. He strived from the very beginning to make his living in art, establishing a career and a position in the print department of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).

Between shaking cans and spraying lines, Marcin opened up about the piece he was creating.

"There was a lot of pressure to come up with something quick, working on a deadline I had pressure… I had this print, I just kept staring at it in my living room. And since I look at it all the time, I thought maybe do something with this. I came and saw Damien [Mitchell] painting next to the middle wall and it was still black and I said, what else can I do? It’s hard to fit in here because you don’t want something that doesn’t work. You want to make the street look better not just like we did three murals and we are done. Let it function all together. I’m a colorist, I love color, so pretty much just fill the whole thing with color. I made it obviously abstractive, so that there is so much happening, every day you find a different corner, something new to see."

This year's group of murals can be found in a row on Bashford Street near the DMV in downtown Yonkers.

Contact: @moyakomora

Facebook: Yonkers Arts Weekly

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