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  • Audrey Connolly aka Bytegirl

What Ball? Gov Ball!

It’s that time of the year again: time for the Governors Ball. The annual whirlwind of artists composing backdrops for festival goers to create lifelong memories with... in selfies beamed around the world.

Sold Magazine has been lucky enough to have a special pass out on Randall’s Island during the flurry of creation and we’ve captured the action for you to enjoy!

Just what is the Governor's Ball? Three days of music, food, and fun with a New York edge. Mini golf, silent discos, interactive photo booths, and life-size board games are just some of the amusements awaiting festival goers, along with art created by this year's lineup of internationally-recognized street artists.

Look forward to artist’s profiles from John Domine and festival action from Bytegirl in the coming days.

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