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The Year of the Collabs.. a look back at the Bushwick Collective Block Party 2017

The 6th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party is now history; this year the collabs were king! Coming from all points on the compass, artists combined their talents and vision to create several outstanding additions to the Brooklyn landscape.

Sipros_Sipros and Such

Brazilian Artist Sipros_Sipros is a beast; not only has he mastered the art of hyperrealism, he is, simply put... a speed wizard! His ability to create clean, quality, mind-blowing images at the speed of light is unsurpassed, nary a blink of the eye passes between inception and final masterpiece.

New York Graffiti Legend Such has a great understanding of color and fluidity. His letters are always bright and full of popping shades, smooth and flowing right off the wall; they pour happiness onto the streets of Brooklyn and the world beyond.

Sipros and Such have created a true standout in this season's lineup. A spontaneous moment on the street turned into a exuberant explosion of joy!

contact: @Sipros_sipros



This is not the first time at this spot for this duo. Case and Pixel are returning this year to a wall that last saw their work back in 2013.

Case Maclaim Bushwick Collective Block Party 2013

case maclaim 2013

German Artist Case_Maclaim has a thing for hands. Hands are hard to create, hands convey so much about who we are, our experiences and life captured in each line and wrinkle. In the hands of a master like Case, they are a window into the soul. Slick and strong, Case is the man... hands down!

Italian Artist, Pixel Pancho delivers a touch of victorian steampunk to his images that focus on robots and androids and explore the realm of biomechanics. Classically trained, he brings technique to the streets, creating monumental canvases around the world.

Case's sharp photorealistic style together with Pixel's softer painterly quality always manage to come together, forming a strong cohesive message.

contact: @Case_Maclaim


Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks

Also returning to their spot of several years are Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks. Once again they bring an image of carefree youth that speaks of a time of innocence, urging us to remember our own childhoods.

Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks 2016

Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks 2016

Joe Iurato is a man of many talents, a renaissance man. A sommelier as well as a stencil artist, he is also a devoted father. For several years now his family album has been found on the walls of New York and New Jersey. His fans have had the pleasure of watching his boys grow in each new piece he brings to the streets.

Logan Hicks is one of the world's most renowned stencil artists. A Bowery Wall alumnus, he is known for extremely intricate backgrounds and his capturing light and depth in each cut.

contact: @Loganhicksny


Dasic Fernandez and El_Cekis

Chilean-born artists Dasic Fernandez and El Cekis teamed up to meld their iconic styles into one. Colorful and thought-provoking it opens the door to discussions on immigration, religion and ecology.

Combining traditional muralist techniques with graffiti culture, El Cekis has over the years developed his own unique perspective, creating his well known "fence" image that straddles the border between the manmade and natural worlds.

Dasic Fernandez is a dazzler and nothing short of a genius with a can of paint. His hijab-clad figures capture our attention with their piercing gaze and determined expression. They plead with us to take notice, to see the world around us, and to connect with our fellow human beings.

contact: @El_Cekis


The Monster Squad -

Patch Whiskey, Ghost Beard and Aquarela

South Carolina-based Patch Whiskey is another with formal artistic training who has taken to the streets to share his vision with the world. Saturated hues, smiling monsters with gleeful and sometimes leering expressions, his characters are favorites among all ages. His partner in crime, Detroit Artist Ghost Beard, also has monsters on the mind. Even when busy breathing life into his cadre of creations, Ghost Beard knows how to bring the party. Prepare for the unexpected because when the Monster Squad is in town you can be sure there will be all sorts of shenanigans. Luckily for us, The Monster Squad lands in New York City frequently, with plenty of bright, colorful creatures in tow to watch over the hood!

When Aquarela landed in the pond next door, the monsters were quick to invite her to rock the rainbow vibe.

Miami Artist, Aquarela is known for her strong feminine themes translated into ethereal figures with a watercolor esthetic. Her work enchants passersby with their softness and sensuality. Her induction into the Monster Squad in Bushwick, if we're lucky, will be just the first of many collaborations with the boys!

contact: @Patchwhiskey



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