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  • Video by Keith Aronowitz

Boogie Birds in Bushwick!

Many may remember Chor Boogie from one of his earlier visits to New York back in January of 2014, when he brought Michael Jackson and Madonna to The Cubes on 42nd Street, and participated in the epic Faberge Great Egg Hunt later that spring. So it was with great excitement that his fans welcomed him back to New York City and to this year's Bushwick Collective Block Party.

Modern Hieroglyphics : a belief in the inherent power of visual communication through pictures and pictographs.

Bringing his modern hieroglyphic style to the Bushwick Collective for the first time, Chor Boogie wowed at this year’s annual block party. Bursting with color and energy and even a little sass his newest creation marks his largest piece to date in New York City.

Boogie Birds and tongues out...

"exploding what comes from within out to the wall, showing the wall some love.”

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