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  • Words and Photos by John Domine

The Wonders of Welling Court

The Welling Court Mural Project is always a wonderful celebration of art, brightening up the community in Astoria, Queens and drawing local artists and out-of-towners alike. This year was no exception, with awe-inspiring works ranging from whimsical to political and everywhere in between.

For me, one thing that is special about Welling Court is the fact that many of the artists work on the same wall from year to year, keeping with a similar theme or changing the concept entirely.

TOOFLY has depicted feminine beauty in various forms over the past few years:

FUMERO has "grafstracted" everything from the great pharaohs of Egypt to the Incredible Hulk:

And Jamie Hef and KA have kept up a playful snack theme from year to year:

Whether working on the same wall or moving to new ones to showcase their work, the artists never fail to bring their A-Game. Check out the slideshow for some of the pieces at this year's event.

As to be expected, there was also some "unsanctioned" work going on to add to the creative landscape of Welling Court in all of it's forms. Sanctioned or not, there was a lot of eye candy to be seen at this year's event.

Finally, with the loss of a few walls due to some new construction in the neighborhood, a new art space was added to Welling Court, not in the form of brick or stone but rather something of a black canvas around a fenced-off corner of the block. Bytegirl will have more on this story, so check out SOLD in the coming days for that.

Thanks Welling Court for another phenomenal year and celebration of all things creative!

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