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Leaving Their Mark for Another Year

Every time you turn around, it seems we are losing another wall to developers. Welling Court Mural Project held them off and remained a traditional close knit neighborhood for many years until quite recently, when the unavoidable finally started to creep in. So what do you do when you lose walls that used to be covered with beautiful art? You find somewhere else to paint, of course... even if that somewhere else happens to be a black fabric fence.

When artists gather you never know what is going to happen. With so many crazy personalities and creatives all in one place, the wild usually comes out and it was no different at this year’s Welling Court Mural Project. Give an artist a can of paint and he/she is going to do something with it: it's an obsession. One artist tags a wall or in this case a fabric fence and like rabbits, the tags multiply.

Some of New York's greatest added their marks. How many can you identify?

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