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Waiting on Line: Jerkface Donuts Show

Well, it's 2 pm on a very rainy Saturday, and people are already in line for Jerkface's Donuts show, curated by Over the Influence. It begins at 5 pm today and runs through 6/23/17. A friend, @dope.annie_ and her delightful daughter cannot wait to see the show and are in line with hopes of getting a gift as the first 50 people are guaranteed one. Is it a print? His latest book, "Saturday Morning"? I am unsure as of yet but the line is continuing to grow as I write.

Please tell me why you are already waiting on line when the show does not open for another 3 hours?

"Well, Jerkface is one of my favorite artists and since I introduced him to my daughter, she has taken a very big liking to him. She got to meet him at his wall on Mott Street and he even let her tag up next to his wall which in turn has sparked something within her to draw."

Photo credit: @dope.annie_

Let me bring you all up to speed, I waited nearly 4 hours on line to get into the show and was starting to get antsy at about hour 3. I could not complain as some were there at 8:30 am, like these two gents, @johnreeper916 and @dond87. They were number 1 and 2 on line and received a free print from the man himself (through a handler as Jerkface was not in attendance when I was there yet did come through later in the evening).

Videos below: @johnreeper916 and @dond87, @dope.annie_ 's daughter, @artdognyc and @jonas3pc

Photo credit: @joannabethpdot

This photo was taken around 3:30PM

This photo was taken about an hour later as the line wrapped around the entire block.

Once inside near 6PM, I finally got to marvel at the wonderful paintings....

@artdognyc with the free print that was given to the first 50 people on line.

I decided to attend the book signing today and felt a sense of redemption for my hours spent on line yesterday as Jerkface took the time to chat and sign his book, "Saturday Morning." I really do admire him and have always liked his entrepreneurial spirit. Cheers to Jerkface on creating a buzzworthy show, launching a new book, selling out limited edition prints and having a great overall positive vibe. Until we meet again...

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