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  • Press Release by Nicole Gordon

Anything You Can Do, Opening Reception & DeeDee Print Release


“While women artists have been involved in making art throughout history, their work often has not been as well acknowledged as that of men. Women artists faced challenges due to gender biases in the mainstream fine art world. They have often encountered difficulties in training and gaining recognition. Beginning in the late 1960s and 1970s, feminist artists and art historians created a Feminist art movement that overtly addresses the role of women in the art world and explores the role of women in art history and in society.”

As one of the only solely woman owned and curated galleries in New Jersey, we’ve decided to attempt to balance the lack of representation and exposure of female artists and present an all women’s exhibit at least once a year. For this show, we will be debuting artists new to the gallery as well as a salon style exhibit of some of our returning gallery artists. Since the exhibit is gender-specific as opposed to curated around a theme or style, there will be a multitude of genres represented in all mediums.

Featured in the main gallery will be artist Teresa Duck, who lives and works in the UK. Her work combines formal realistic painting with abstracted elements through which she explores identity and aspects of contemporary culture. Another artist new to the gallery is local abstract artist Tonya Lee. “My work explores the ephemeral and sublime qualities of nature --often becoming “of” an environment instead of about. Form and color negotiating to exist as object and subject. Using both digital and analog methods of constructing compositions, my intent is to explore the aesthetic oppositions of rigidity and gesture.” ~ T.Lee

Parlor Gallery will also have new works from Dahlia Elsayed, Ellen Stagg, Bri Cirel, Dara Vandor, Alexandra Becker Black, Sarah Sandin, Lauren Klain Carton, Rebecca Rose, Erica Levine, Rose Freymouth Frazier, VHS Girl, Indie 184, Michela Martello, DeeDee and Tine Helleshøj.

*Opening Reception: Saturday, June 24th 7-11pm

In addition to our upcoming exhibition, we also have two additional special events. There will be two print releases by DeeDee, as well as the completion of “Under An Asbury Spell”, the mural DeeDee created for the Wooden Walls Public Art Project.

For the first print release, DeeDee will be releasing "Momo"; a signed & numbered edition of 30, in koi red, 1 color silkscreen ink, 8 color spray paint, 22x30" on Stonehenge 250gsm paper for $150. These prints will be available online from on Friday June 23rd at Noon EST.

The second print released will be available exclusively at Parlor Gallery during our "Anything You Can Do..." show on Saturday June 24th 7pm-10pm, a signed & numbered edition of 15 in gold mist, 1 color silkscreen ink, 8 color spray paint for $175.

Artist note: "Each print is spray painted by hand. Due to the way I paint and conditions inside my studio each print is a bit unique. Prints may contain various drips, fingerprints, cobwebs, fragments of autumn leaves and the occasional wayward spider."

For more information about “Anything You Can Do…”, and DeeDee’s print releases, please email us at

Parlor Gallery

717 Cookman Avenue

(On the Arts Bloc)

Asbury Park, NJ 07712


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