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Hanksy & Friends Present: Market Surplus

Anonymous street artist Hanksy is well known for taking over abandoned spaces and transforming them into interactive, live galleries. First, there was Surplus Candy in NY with 20 other artists involved, then Surplus Candy LA with over 90 artists involved, then Best of the Worst which transformed a former Chase Bank into what looked like a street in Chinatown and now... Hanksy does it again with Market Surplus!

This time, 8 other artists (and maybe a surprise or two), have been invited to paint in a building slated for demolition, alongside Hanksy. As seen before in his other spaces, all artists have sections to call their own.

SOLD Magazine has been lucky to have a backstage pass for all the preparations. We hope you enjoy these teaser images!!

Market Surplus will be open to the public beginning Friday night: 7-11pm and Saturday and Sunday: 12-6pm

And just where is this mystery location?!?

THE LOCATION IS: 140 Essex Street (between Stanton and Rivington)

The " Lucky 8" other artists participating in this show are none other than @faustnewyork, @ellestreetart, @bkfoxx, @sonni, @pixelpancho, @ndastreetart, @lamoursupreme and @owvbics, @buffmonster

Oh, did you count nine? Now we are up to 11. Our bad *wink* *wink*...

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