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Urban Art Fair 2017


Urban Influence highlights the critical influence and creative intersection between urban art and the fashion industry. Selected artists and designers from six countries converge to display their collaborative contributions and vision of “urban fashion.”

Urban Influence explores two timely questions: how does fashion influence urban art, and how does urban culture and art influence fashion?

Historically, urban fashion has been linked to art movements such as hip-hop and graffiti. The original streetwear that we associate with urban fashion has evolved over the decades, into a more dynamic range of styles and subcultures today.

Urban Influence examines the provocative conversation behind urban art and fashion. Tenacious visions and contradictory markets force each artist and designer to create their work with a purposeful message. Conceptual techwear, politically infused ready-to-wear, and subverted fashion advertisements personalize each creator’s voice.

To break the mold of traditional fashion house retrospectives, Urban Art Fair joins Les Nouveaux Créateurs to feature current collections from progressive designers and artists who touch the zeitgeist, now and looking forward.

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