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"The Art of Spray Paint" Book Signing

Double Book Signing

Luna Park’s (UN)SANCTIONED: The Art on New York Streets, and Lori Zimmer’s The Art of Spray Paint, with featured artists Crash, Nick Walker, Logan Hicks and Joe Iurato. Limited books will be available for purchase and signing at:

Urban Art Fair

Spring Studio, 50 Varick Street

New York, NY

Friday, June 30, 6:00-7:30pm

The Art of Spray Paint showcases the grand and imaginative scale and diversity of fine artists using spray paint. Much more than a book about "cool" spray paint designs, Lori Zimmer guides you through amazing large-scale art production, immersive environments, working from intuition, collaboration, the artist's role in society, alternative creative economies, contemporary mythology, storytelling, and DIY projects. Featuring chapters on artists such as CRASH, PichiAvo, Logan Hicks, Joe Iurato, Nick Walker, Casey Gray, Tristan Eaton, Matt Eaton, Hueman, Elle, Tatiana Suarez, Conor Harrington, Remi Rough, Will Hutnick, Rubin415, Dana Oldfather and more.

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