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d.w.krsna: The Convergence of Multiple Dimensions

It was wonderful meeting you in the most random of ways. When I asked you who you were, all you had to do is give me the dancing cat sticker and I knew exactly what your "name" was. I had been a fan of yours for quite some time and love your toothy character who just turned 10 years old. Happy Anniversary!

How did your toothy character stay on the streets for 10 years? I remember seeing the character about every ten steps I took in the city a while back. You've put up an estimated 7-10 thousand per year on average, but have slowed down a bit these last few years. Yet, I am seeing you all over once again and I'm loving it!

You had a solo show, The Infamous Dint Wooer Krsna, back in 2010. What type of mediums were shown in that solo show? I know you do much more than stickers.

There was a period of time when I was very active within what could be considered the street art scene. Being one of the most prolific opened some doors for me and gave me an opportunity to pursue some interests off the street. One of those doors was 17 Frost Gallery in Brooklyn. I began working with them in 2010. I’ve had four shows there, two of which featured my work exclusively. I’m a printmaker, and a painter, entirely self-taught. I like painting with acrylics for a number of reasons. I also enjoy making assemblages.

You have a cat theme behind some of your stickers. I usually notice them tagged high on the street lights. Are you in any way an animal rights activist?

d.w. krsna is the neighborhood cat and the cat likes the high spots. Things tend to run a little longer if they’re just out of reach. I grew up with cats in the home and I enjoy having them around. In d.w. krsna’s latest incarnation he’s been ear tipped, if you noticed that. I’ve been actively engaging in cat rescue since my earliest days. Thanks to my Mom, I was raised vegetarian, but I have also been vegan for a number of years. I think that is important.

What is the meaning behind "develop your natural psychic abilities. Express empathy for all individuals, all species"?

Every human has innate psychic abilities, which when developed, allow one to experience this reality in a much broader sense. I think people live in a horribly de-evolved state, which may be from conditioning brought on since birth by a malevolent force intent on maintaining power. This imposed system makes it easier for people to be fearful and controlled - which then reduces the human experience to this sad, little moment in time where there is so much cruelty. This materialist system has long been rigged against us - there is a better way. All I’m saying is wake up and see and it will present itself to you.

What is next for you? It seems that you have slowed down on putting up your tags. Is there possible interest in another solo show?

I’ve always considered street art an outsider movement - a movement of the disenfranchised. I think historically that’s been the case. But, clearly it’s become something else, something that doesn’t seem genuine. I’ve become disillusioned. I like tags, and I don’t really have any interest in big permission walls and corporate sponsorship. I originally committed myself to a ten year run with this character and I’ve accomplished that and I’m grateful for the many wonderful experiences I’ve had along the way, but I just don’t see how I or d.w.krsna fit into this “community” any longer. I’m seriously at a major crossroads right now. I’m still weighing my options.

Where can our readers learn more about both you and your work?

A good starting point is That’s where you’ll find some of the material I’ve put out there and some links which will lead to more discoveries. Thank You.

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