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Frank Ape, Over The Rainbow

New York, NY – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contra Galleries is excited to present an exhibition of new works by Frank Ape, the iconic sasquatch character created by Brandon Sines.

"Over The Rainbow” takes viewers on a magical adventure through the eyes of Frank. Sines uses the multi-roomed gallery to create dynamic environments in a wide range of media that enable viewers to experience the different ways Frank sees the world. This is the first major solo Frank exhibition in three years and will feature all new work.

The opening night happening on July 27th may be the most powerful piece in the show. Visitors will be able to interact with several site-specific installations, meet the real life Frank, scoop new collectibles at the exclusive pop-up gift shop, and dance throughout the night to some of Frank’s favorite songs.

A highlight of the show will be the premiere of large-scale Frank paintings that give us a closer look at Sines’ bold paint handling. These works are a link to the following exhibition that will feature Sines’ non-Frank paintings in conjunction with the premiere book launch of Lips and Drips at Contra Galleries on August 10th.

Frank is a Sasquatch who lives in New York City amongst the humans. He embodies positivity and equality, and cares about all living things. Frank loves to have fun, but like all of us he sometimes has to take serious matters head-on leading visitors to experience a wide range of emotions as they see Frank balance the beauty of living.

Shortly after moving to New York City in 2010, Brandon Sines combined his use of mythological creatures, pop icons, and made up characters into a new character called Frank. Frank is an ́ ́ape ́ ́ that often takes the form of a cartoon, but is no doubt a reference to Sines himself. Frank explores human issues without human restrictions. With Frank, he had found a way to bring the autobiographical undertones in his work to the surface with a playful character who was instantly accessible to everyone. Much like New York enables both anonymity and stardom, Frank gave Sines the ability to be invisible yet fully present in his work. This added a deeper sincerity to his paintings which enables viewers to connect with his work on a highly personal level.


Contra Galleries is a contemporary art gallery located in Chelsea , New York that curates artists ranging from fine to street art including local artists such as Terry Urban to to international artists including Domingo Zapata

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