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Emma's Eyes: Best Night Ever

On July 14, 2017, I went to two amazing gallery shows, I met a bunch of new artists and was asked to assist with a wheatpaste - What a night!

Wheatpasting with @_actions_not_words.

To start off the night, my mom took me to "One Love" presented by Hektad. Within the large space was work by Hektad, Adam Dare, Jas of Chicago, KWUE and Savior Elmundo. The artwork from each artist was different in color and composition.

In school I learned to make everything symmetrical. I had to have every measurement perfectly done and place the work in the center of the paper. However, that's not what matters in art. Nothing is perfect and the imperfections make the piece more meaningful. Art in a classroom and art on the street is different and honestly I prefer the art on the street because there are no guidelines.The finished piece of art is made of individual creativity.

I have always been a huge fan of Hektad, because he has great energy and I love learning from him. I recently met Adam Dare and KWUE who are very cool guys that are beyond talented. I sadly wasn't able to meet Jas of Chicago but I admire her work too!

Piece by @kweumolly

After attending the "One Love" show, I headed over to the "Robots Will Kill and Friends" show. I enjoyed the diversity of artwork on display. Every piece included different colors, and some canvases were shaped uniquely. Inside the store there were toys that kids, and even some adults, went crazy over. The canvases were all intriguing and I loved meeting new people while waiting on line along with being introduced to many new artists.

Piece by @zeroproductivity

Piece by @citykittystreet

When I was heading back to the "One Love" show, I was able to wheatpaste with two amazing guys! We put up @iamlefou pieces with vegan club. I put the glue up under the thin piece of paper, and given many celebrity vegans to brush over it to restrict it from lifting. I learned about placement and how no artist should cover another artist's work. I also learned the glue is very important to put over the paper too - so if a hater tries to rip it off, they would struggle.

Unlike a lot of other artists, vegan club uses black and white images which I thought was cool. The meaning was straightforward, and used famous images. The celebrities related to all ages like Sia and Travis Barker. I put on black gloves, and used brushes to smear chunks of wheatpaste wherever the paper was going. I'm forever thankful that they offered to let me wheatpaste with them. I ended up telling everyone I knew about my incredible experience!

My night ended back at the "One Love" show with Hektad, who I truly admire and consider like family.

July 14, 2017, one of the best nights ever.

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