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drsc0: There's More Than Meets The Eye

I love when I encounter a piece of yours on the street as they always make me think about your subject matter. Is there a social statement to be read in your pieces?

Thank you. I think most everything in art has a social statement, though the intent or priority of the statement may be at a minimum or even unintentional. You considering on the subject matter of my work is gratifying. If I had intentions that would be surely high on the list.

Going by the name of "Dr. Scott" makes me question.. are you in fact an actual Doctor?

So to answer the question "Are you in fact an actual Doctor?"

Yes, I have two doctorates. One qualifies me to treat patients and the other to conduct scientific research. I primarily work to reconstruct people after trauma, cancer, and congenital defects.

Most of your art is done illegally. Do you feel your art is best suited in the streets? If so, where do locations come into play?

I don't know where my art is suited best. I like it visible to people on the street. I have a good friend to whom location is very critical, maybe even the highest criteria. Then, I have a buddy for whom location plays seemingly no role. I'm somewhere in the middle. I try to improve the visual space. And that's debatable.

You work in many mediums. Any you prefer over others? Are there any mediums that intimidate you but you'd like to experiment with?

I'm a new drawer, really drawing only for 2-3 years. I'm understanding more how charcoal works, ink pens too. But every medium is intimidating for me and, in candidness, each work begins with an uneasy, nervous, and nauseous feeling. I regularly work in acrylics, porcelains, glass, waxes, plastics and metals. I don't share those on my "drsc0" platform.

You seem to be open to doing collaborations. How do you choose the artists to work with? Is it an organic process that simply unfolds with friends?

I'm open to collaboration. I'm less curious about some of my mountain imagery that is easily used in collaboration. I think it is very difficult to collaborate with me personally and the drawing work I do. NYC's City Kitty and his collaboration has been fun and gratifying.

What art hangs on your walls?

A lot of photography, paintings, prints, etc. The busy arrangement can offend the sensibilities of those who like a minimalist gallery display.

What is next for you? Any upcoming shows?

I try to make a piece every week that pushes me, makes me nervous. I'm stoked to have an informal art night coming up on Wednesday August 23rd at The Benson's NYC with Arrex Skulls and Voxx Romana.

Where can our readers learn about both you and your art?

This is it for now. Come out to the Benson's NYC on August 23rd to chat and make acquaintances.

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