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  • Fredrik Lidskog, Impermanent Art

Outersource: A Starman Waiting in the Sky

MTV called me last week and said they needed a muralist to paint a stylish outer space backdrop and a moon man. I told them I knew just the guy. I beamed a signal to Saturn and Outersource answered the call. He arrived on the scene in an unsettling mirror mask -- part Eyes Wide Shut, part disco ball -- and he wasted no time getting down to business. He attacked the wall with flair, and attracted no small amount of attention from curious passersby. Mission accomplished.

Assisted by earthlings PhobikGod, Ela Mella and Cram completing this one day mission. 32 hrs of painting over the course of one day.

Artist: Outersouce

Assisted by: Phobik, Ela Mella, Cram Concepts Producer: Impermanent Art

Project: 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

Client: Viacom

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