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August Sold Magazine Staff Shots

August has come and gone. The Summer is coming to a close, and soon the weather will start to chill the air. The Sold Magazine staff has been capturing the action, and here are a few highlights from the month.

Staff Photographer: Joanna Pan

Artist: YesOne

Location: The Yard

Staff Photographer: Erica Stella

Artist: Shepard Fairey

Location: Saxon + Parole (corner of Bleecker & Bowery), Manhattan

Staff Photographer: John Dominé

Artist: Bordalo

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Staff Photographer: Kristy Calabro

Artist: Dirt Cobain

Location: Prospect Heights, BK for Underhill Walls

Staff Photographer: Bytegirl

Artist: Adnate

Location: Bushwick, BK for The Bushwick Collective

Staff Photographer: just_a_spectator

Artist: Marina Zumi

Location: Somewhere in Brooklyn

Staff Photographer: Nicole Gordon


Location: The Great Wall of Savas, Queens

Staff Photographer: TK Mills

Artist: unknown

Location: Norfolk & Rivington, Manhattan

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