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  • Words by Kristy Calabro

Art Attack: Group Art Show at Mayson Gallery

On Wednesday night, there was a huge turnout for "Art Attack", a group art show, co-curator by Gili Gibli at Mayson Gallery. The show featured works by ASVP, BD White, Consumerart, Greg Frederick, Icy & Sot, JPO, Sacsix, Sr. Lasso, among others! The space at 208 Bowery was beautifully lit and the brightly colored pieces had a nice cohesive flow. Over 600 guests turned out to this highly successful street art show!

Gili Gibli is an immigration lawyer with a passion for street art. Most of the artists featured in the show are friends and she was thinking of doing a show like this for a long time. Gili was just waiting for the right gallery to come along. "Because curating is not my daytime job, it was important for me to do it in the right mindset," Gili said. "I wanted an opportunity to bring good energy and have fun throughout the process." She contacted Susan May-McLean, owner of the Mayson Gallery, who immediately got on board with the show. Gili said Susan is a pleasure to work with and has become a great mentor to her.

Gili Gibli, co-curator of Wednesday's "Art Attack" show at the Mayson Gallery


Within Manhattan's contemporary art scene, The Mayson Gallery showcases dynamic and diverse artists through different mediums. The gallery went from being a traditional, brick-and-mortar to a pop-up. They're also adapting to the every changing art world. Throughout the year they curate shows all over the Lower East Side at the hippest locations. "I curated their first street art show which makes it even more exciting and special," said Gili. "I was very happy to see it was a successful turnout."

When you first walked into Mayson Gallery, there were these beautiful star sculptures lining the floor near the window by artist, Frida Harari Sitton. Two striking pieces to the left were really mesmerizing and were made by Dom Pattinson. He was the very first artist to say yes to being in this show. Dom was very supportive and really trusted Gili. Every artist that Gili approached agreed right away to be a part of this very special art show. Artist, Jeremy Penn, was also helpful with bringing on board a few emerging artists he has mentored. "I thank them for their support and love," Gili said. "Because of them, this was truly a special event."

Art by Dom Pattinson.

Two works by Dom Pattinson


Gili is also an avid art collector. She has a diverse collection from local and international artist alike. She likes to mix it up and have pieces from established and new artists. She was exposed to a lot of street art when she lived in Williamsburg. "Also, my good friend Matt Eller, whom I went to law school in NY with, is a serious collector," Gili said. "He is involved in the street art world and helped me build my collection."

And for the future? Gili already is involved in few other exciting projects in NYC and Miami. Also, she's working on an installation for next year's Burning Man, so stay tuned!


"I'm very grateful for the opportunity to curate this show and share my passion with the world." - Gili Gibli


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