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The Sold Crew Goes to Church [VIDEO]

While in Colorado for Crush, the Sold Mag fam made a pilgrimage to the International Church of Cannabis, to pay respects to the high holiness. We were warmly greeted by the church's co-founder Steve Berke, who was kind enough to sit down with us and speak about not only the church's mission but the artwork that it embodies......

Live feed originally on SOLD Magazine's Instagram Sept. 14 - 4:20 p.m. EST

Designed by shooting star artist Okuda, the 113 year old chapel's interior has been restored, and glows under kaleidoscopic colors and shapes. A mix of abstract geometrics and meticulously shaded characters, the beautiful ceiling gives Michelangelo's Sistine a run for it's money.

The International Church of Cannabis opened in Denver as a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds, so that they could feel comfortable celebrating their spirituality. Practitioners of the church's official religion call themselves elevationists, and take marijuana as a spiritual sacrament. The church is no stranger to stoner jokes, but the members take their role seriously. In the words of the church;

"Our lifestance is that when we ritually take cannabis our minds are elevated and we become a better version of ourself. And, to the Elevationist, the cannabis flower is a gift from the universal creative force."

Upon visiting the church, the Sold squad was given an exclusive tour. We were allowed access to the roof for a first hand view of the church's Kenny Scharf windows, as well as a behind the scenes look at the balcony, where we saw the tub, traditionally used for baptisms.

The International Church of Cannabis is open Thursday through Sunday, 1-3pm, and welcomes anyone who seeks a place for quiet contemplation and an elevated mindset.

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