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  • Emma Levine

Emma's Eyes: Sacsix X Adidas Collab "Here To Create"

If you didn't make it to Macy's Adidas section on September 23, 2017, then you missed out on a lot of customized street art.

The amazingly talented Sacsix was customizing Adidas shoes with black and white images of New York City. There was a huge wall of T- shirts that people posed in front of, and right next to it, a crowd signing their name on raffle tickets in order to win customized SacSix Adidas original kicks OR a T-shirt from the "Here To Create" mural. Of course, everyone wanted to win! No two pieces were alike. I hope I won something!

At the customization station there were different colored laces, charms, paint pens, and more! I saw people light up when they received their own customized shoes that no one else will ever own. Sacsix was on the other side using glue and photos to make a cool pattern, and customized even more for a few lucky buyers. Shoppers came by with "ooo's" and "ahh's." Sacsix was signing posters and showing off his shoes. He should be so proud because he is living his dream of being a full time artist. He has so many fans, and I'm glad I was able to come and show support too!

My mom and I then went to the fourth floor to see more custom kicks and the colorful walls he created with a video game in front of one where people could just spend time playing games. Each side of the wall had beautiful artwork with great positive vibes. Security had to be present at each wall as the kicks were seen as priceless pieces of art. What a great day to see street art and fashion come together to create one of a kind pieces!

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