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  • Words by Nicole Gordon

Meg Zany: Messages For The Streets

Nicole Gordon: Meg, you have a lot to say via the streets. I love your " Courage Has No Gender Campaign." What was the impetus to begin spreading your message onto the streets? How do you choose the areas to spread your message? Does the art always have a connection to that particular area?

Meg Zany: I’m always drawn to the streets and walls in which I install my art and I’m particular about the cities I visit. That said, it feels like a natural connection. The walls I choose have an indescribable appeal and I imagine my art on them before I actually get to work. I also think about the city prior to visiting and try to get a vibe on which pieces will align best with the culture or events that have taken place.

NG: What is your preferred medium of choice? Any you'd like to try but may be intimidated by?

MZ: I come from a background of pencil drawing and acrylic painting, but I currently prefer stencil and spray paint. I would like to do a bit more freehand with spray paint, but I don’t have the time to practice that craft as much as I’d like. However, I am a perfectionist, so the ability to create sharp edges with stencils makes me really happy, which is why I’m probably not going to switch up anything anytime soon.

NG: In which cities do you feel most embraced by?

MZ: All the cities I’ve visited have welcomed me and my art with open arms, so it's difficult to narrow it down. The most surprising was probably Paris — all sorts of love from the French. New Yorkers too. They really love the Courage Has No Gender series.

Photos above provided by the artist

NG: What has been your favorite piece to date and what about that piece makes you smile?

MZ: ‘Charlotte’ which is the little girl swinging from the drone may be a tie for top three favorites. She has an infectious smile and the question of what the future might hold excites me. That what the piece represents for me.

Photo above provided by the artist

NG: What is next for you?

MZ: I never really know whats next and I like that. There is always travel and creativity in the works. I like to say I’m always planning, but I enjoy spontaneity and I really fly by the seat of my pants.

NG: Where can our readers learn more about both you and your work?

MZ: My Instagram (@MegZany) is always the platform that’s most up to date. Next would be my website I’m looking for someone to help me document my creative process and events for me, so if anyone out there is interested in helping me, please reach out!

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