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Turtle-Recaps: Bringing the "Inside Out"

A group show like-no-other curated by TurtleCaps; "Inside Out" opened to the public on Saturday, October 21st, 2017 at 38-02 61st in Woodside, Queens. The entire exhibit will be on view until November 16, 2017. With over 50 artists represented inside the space, in less than 4 weeks prior, 19 murals were also painted on the outside of the building. What other name could you give such an event?

Artwork covering the inside and out of this space, is special enough. But, this Woodside community center is also new to giving street art a chance; it was a very special opportunity and weekend for this Queens born & raised original.

When a project comes your way, you attack with everything you got, and TurtleCaps did just that. Working as a graffiti artist for over 20 years, and 5 years as a gallery artist, TurtleCaps is sharing his labor of love. Throwing together a group show with your friends sounds like a good time, but there is always a ton of work, and he pulled it together quickly.

The gallery, Project Life Center is a creative space for women to support women, but an art space for all. They provide a variety of holistic and educational experiences for the community. But until now, they have never ventured into the world of street art. Then they met this special animal a few months ago.

Co-founders of Project Life Center, Zsusi Tass and Sarah Rabenou welcomed the idea of something new to their space. TurtleCaps walked by, and peered into the space, recognizing its unpacked potential. He inquired about the opportunity, and the adventurous ladies let TurtleCaps quickly organize and curate the massive event. The idea and hope is to draw more attention to their center, and opening the door for Woodside to be recognized as a creative space.

“We want to bring in art to a part of Queens that is often overlooked,” Tass said.

And the kind of species TurtleCaps is, he brings all the animals along with him! On hand were cats, pigs, rabbits, bunnies, owls, a few monsters, and even a Donald Duck! The 1st 30 people received handmade customized grab bags, and Old Blue Last Beer sponsored by VICE was on hand to keep the party going.

Pictured above (in order), are murals by: Huetek, Adam Dare. JCORP, Urbanimal, City Kitty, AJ LaVilla, Praxis, Freddie Free5, A Lucky Rabbit, Nicholai Khan, Marthalicia, and Outersource.

19 pieces sold the very first night, over 330 people came through, and the attendees danced the night away! But don't let the FOMO set in, as stated earlier, the entire collection will be on view until November 16, 2017. There is still time to see both inside and outside exhibitions, and if the weather stays the way it has, you can enjoy the outdoor murals as if it was still Summer!


Written by Erica Stella

Photos provided by Kristy Calabro, Erica Stella, and John Domine

For more information:

Event Flyer

Instagram: TurtleCaps

Project Life Center: visit their website


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