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Single Fare: Metrocards Displayed and Sold as Art

A wonderful event took place at Highline Stages; a show of small works made with New York City Metrocards. There were thousands of beautiful works of art and I recognized maybe a dozen artists...out of thousands!

The New York Academy of Art, in partnership with Highline Stages, presented a two day event exhibiting thousands of artworks created on or with New York City Metrocards with a portion of the sales benefiting student scholarships. All works were sold in the preview hour for $215 each, then went to $115 each thereafter. I also participated in the raffle for special Metrocards created by high profile artists such as Margaret Bowland and Alyssa Monks.

I was taken by so many and was happy to hear of it through a fellow friend and artist Nick C. Kirk. "Single Fare" was originally created by New York Academy of Art alumni artists Michael Kagan and Jeanne-Pierre Roy (shown right below) in 2010. Follow @singlefare on Instagram to see more works from the show.

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