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October Sold Magazine Staff Shots

Yes, it's Halloween. It's also the end of another month of Sold Staff Shots! Get spooked by all the beauty on the streets. Not just in NYC, recent murals completed in Chicago and Washington DC are also represented this month. Here at Sold we keep you informed of all the latest, with the freshest photos, and stories from our perspective. Follow us on our journey, and enjoy the art all around you!

Sarah Sansom

Eelco painted October 13th for Wabash Arts Corridor with Chicago Truborn Gallery, 1306 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Kristy Calabro

My Life in Yellow: her 1st mural for Underhill Walls, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Nicole Gordon

Hektad: Customizing a denim jacket for Denim Days Festival, NYC


Ron English in East Village, NYC

Ron English painting for New Balance on St. Marks in the East Village

Erica Stella

Photo By Erica Stella

Resa Piece x Menace Two painted two days earlier on Dekalb and Wykoff. Strideby captured while Resa/Menace worked on a 2nd collab across the street

John Domine

Sabek WIP on a huge double portrait for Murals DC off U Street in Washington, DC

T.K. Mills

Bauvez at Underhill Walls

Bauvez with his completed mural for Underhill Walls

Joanna Pan

RATH cod -- WIP, Bronx

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