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  • Nicole Gordon with Photos by Just A Spectator

Pen + Brush and ArtLeadHer: King Woman Showcasing 25 Contemporary Women Artists

I do not know how I walked by Pen + Brush a hundred times and never walked in. Have I become that desensitized to what is around me? I never thought so until now. Thanks to guest curator Mashonda Tifere, of ArtLeadHER and the wonderful team at Pen + Brush, both Just A Spectator and I got a sneak peek at "King Woman" that opened officially on October 12th and is and running through December 9, 2017. It is a MUST SEE show.

King Woman merged both established female artists with up and coming female artists- which was a first for the gallery. Another first was having my wonderful mentor and friend, Mashonda Tifere guest curate the show for them. Twenty five artists in total were involved in the show. The variety of work is a visual bliss to the eyes and I promise, you will leave the show learning more about each and every artist involved in this curation. I left feeling empowered, confident and proud to be a King Woman myself!

Artist Elizabeth Waggett and I

Work by @kit_king

Sculpture by @carolefeuerman

Art by Lacey McKinney

Art by Roos Van Der Vliet

Art by Ingrid Baars

Art by Victoria Selbach

Art by Yvonne Michiels

Art by Lynn Spoor

Art by Elizabeth Wagget

Work by Reisha Perlmutter

Art by Swoon

Art by Stephanie Hirsch

Art by Lola Flash

Art by Kharis Kennedy

Art by Jane Olin

Art by Meredith Marsone

Art by Taira (93 years young)

Art by Renee Phillips

A short film is on view by artist A. V. Rockwell

Art by Hunter Clarke

Art by Donna Festa

Art by Lynnie Z

Art by Azi Amiri

Art by Trixie Pitts

Art by Rebecca Allan

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