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Hanksy: Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down

Hanksy Identity Revealed, "Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down"

Adam Lucas presents “Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down” Wednesday, November 8th from 7-10pm at 151 Canal Street, New York, NY 10002

Anonymous artist Hanksy is well-known for innovating viral projects — like Surplus Candy in New York City and Los Angeles — and producing urban art that relies on parodistic humor to activate its subversion. After years of working under the cloak of his anonymity, Hanksy is dropping his moniker and mounting this exhibition, entitled “Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down,” as Adam Lucas.

The work within the exhibition is a stark pivot for the artist, whose aesthetic is primarily defined by image making that relies heavily on wordplay, kitsch and references to pop-culture.

The aesthetic that Lucas is exploring now-blunt, forthright and flat-is less rooted in pop and a nod to the synthetic Cubists; however adjusted to express the distinctive urban street life and existing culture in America.

While the shift from Hanksy to Lucas may at first appear drastic, there are connective strains that unify both artistic identities, namely the interplay between visual pleasure and deeper themes. Hanksy, on the one hand, relies on humor and the “already-seen” aspect of his pop-culture icons to encourage viewers to consider the lust with which we consume celebrity. Lucas, on the other hand, presents bright colors, with rhythmic beats and opportunity for visual play to initially seduce viewers; however, upon lengthier look, his paintings are also couched in weightier, trenchant themes.

Adam notes, “The last five years have been fun and full of pun, but things are slightly different now. My day-to-day is changing quite a bit and the current administration is a damn tire fire. The work I’d like to create right now makes more sense without the Hanksy label.”

Press preview will be held on Tuesday, November 7th, 7-9pm. Please RSVP if interested in attending. A public reception of “Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down” will take place Wednesday, November 8th, 7-10pm at 151 Canal Street, New York, NY 10002. The exhibition will run through Sunday, November 12th

Click for hi-res imagery/flyer. To view/download promotional video click here.

For RSVP + Press inquires, please contact Doni Gitlin:

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