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  • Words and Photos by Claudia Reyes (CReyesNYC101)

The Collage - Claudia's POV

I’ve been participating at a live art event known as The Collage for over a year, because of its positive influence in my artistic development. It’s a networking party and home to NYC’s live art scene. The Collage is an art movement where artists come to network and interact. It’s also a studio, a gallery, and a place you can sell your art. It was Savior El Mundo’s idea to put this event together to help promote and highlight work being created by female artists starting back in 2010.

Savior El Mundo is a visual artist, dancer, director, and producer. His films Be Seen Be Heard (2011), and What's for Breakfast (2002), have been featured in the HBO Latino Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival, respectively. While working on his film in California in 2006, he was devastated by news of the loss of a close relative in NYC. Having placed the film on hold, he was encouraged by a good friend to create art. Savior began taking solace in making art worthy of a gallery art show. That show was a huge success, and soon after the same gallery flew him to their NYC location for a second. Over the course of those years Savior began to curate art shows and found the desire to help promote other artists. So he looked up to the example of our predecessors; Keith Haring, Jean Michael Basquiat, and Andy Warhol who held art parties back in the day.

In 2010, The Collage was born; bringing back that creative energy to present day NYC, along with the help of colleague, promoter and DJ - Tahleim Reyes. DJ Tahleim has been a vital partner in making this event possible. You can find him and other guest DJs supporting the arts as they deliver break dancing beats and soul moving jams in a harmonious environment. Have no doubt that a full hearted effort goes into keeping this movement alive.

The party takes place at The Delancey, at 168 Delancey Street. Downstairs you’ll find a party with artists painting, sketching, airbrushing, wood burning and even body art. The music is pumping, and dancers are grooving it up with good vibes all around! Each week a theme is chosen as a tribute to artistic or musical artists.

Throughout the years, Savior has seen waves of multi-faceted artists come and do their thing – new generations blooming on a continuous cycle. Some artists who initially started painting at The Collage, don’t forget where they started, because they eventually come back to paint. Looking ahead to the future, Savior would like this event to expand to other cities, and creating a film documentary on The Collage.

I have fun at the parties because I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to do live art. I’ve been photographed by Teddy Adolphe, Angie LM Vasquez, George Brock, Steven Molofsky, Fox Hutson and Justin Munoz for example. Videotaped, interviewed, and had my artwork displayed at the Blick on Bond art supply store during November of 2016. I’ve painted alongside talents, such as Nicholai Khan, Esteban del Valle and Ben Angotti and even met multi-talented artist and tap dancer, Savion Glover who DJ’d for The Collage.

I started participating in May of 2016, encouraged by my biggest supporter, my daughter Lauren. Over time, I’ve seen my skills develop as being involved challenges me to look outside my world and evolve within a supportive community. While painting, I’m vibing to the tunes and at any given point, I’ll find myself painting alongside artists like Aida Miro, AnaMelissa Twice, Katori Walker, Evan Bishop, Michelle Gemini, Sofi Du, George Torres, Elisabet Diaz Cintron, Alisha Desai, Savanna Matias, Kiarra Elliott, Krystal Rose, Meli Tabares Ramirez, Ralph Serrano, Gabriel Camacho, Fausto Manuel Ramos, Luis F. Perez, Albert Areizaga, Sam Jay, David Lyman, JMartin Designs, Micheline Gil, Mario Gil (whose art advise to me was, “use more paint” and he’s right.), Kristy McCarthy, Tomas Manon, Jorge Manon Matarrita, Evan Campanella, Nelson Host Santiago, Mario Gomez, Ivette Urena, Booey McBooerson, D’mon Borkel, Rayquan D Ethridge, Elton Leonard, Edgar Saints, Riz Robinson, Efrain E Aguilar Jr., Virgin Artiste, Charlie Elo, Kim Possible and Murj Holmes just to name a few!

The experience has been fulfilling and I’m grateful that I’ve evolved as a self-taught artist at The Collage. I'm continuously working to develop my style, and its made me better at what I love to do!

If you want to get involved, ALL are more than welcomed to participate and get down with one of NYC’s premier live art scenes! All artists interested in live art painting on any Tuesday night must arrive no later than 7pm and bring their own canvas, easel, and paint supplies.

Hope to see you next Tuesday Night!





@AngieLMV \\ photo credit on portrait shots of Claudia Reyes, Savior ElMundo and DJ Tahleim Reyes

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