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  • Nicole Gordon, Photos by Dan O'Neill

Maser Creates 352walls/Gainesville Urban Art Initiative Mural on Sante Fe College Campus

My passion is for the arts so when I learned of urban artist Maser painting on a college campus from my dear friend, Lori Zimmer, I knew I had to cover it. Even if from afar. It was actually a new idea for me. I had never before written about an artist painting a college campus! Especially a Fine Arts Building. It made we want to reach out to my alma mater, Washington University, to do the same.

Artist Maser is beginning to paint a two story mural today that will take over the Fine Arts Building at the Sante Fe College Campus (Building E, Room E, to be exact). The project is the largest, thus far, that the 352walls has ever undertaken.

Maser's wall is the first major project in Gainesville supported by the forthcoming National Institute of Urban Art, which will open in Gainesville in 2018.

What the public should expect is a wonderfully colorful and abstract mural. To me, I see a hint of Matisse in his work along with a strong influence of typography. There is certainly a simplicity of form yet I also know how complex that is to achieve as an artist.

In 1995, he started to paint the streets of Dublin. He later became known as one of Europe's leading urban artists. Maser's work is built on his graffiti background and combines 20th century art and spray cans. Most recently, Maser has expanded his medium to now use videos, 3D installations, woodblock prints and copper plated etchings.

In 2016, a major exhibit in which Maser was the subject of, took place at Lazarides Rathbone, the gallery founded by Banksy's former agent, Steve Lazarides.

Looking forward to seeing this upon it's completion. Looks wonderful thus far!

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