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Okuda x IAM SUAREZ: A One Of A Kind Jewelry Collaboration

In an effort to open new roads for creative expression, Joyería Suarez and Ink and Movement join forces with the artist Okuda San Miguel to launch a unique series full of originality, dare and elegance.

On some occasions a name says it all, and in this case, Iam Suarez summarizes tradition and modernity. A presentation to the world and a statement of intent, this unique collaboration offers another way to understand the aesthetics of our time.

Iam Suarez is an unprecedented initiative, something never seen anywhere in the world, that stands out bolstering the vibrant creative moment we live, enforcing the vision and dedication of some of the most renowned plastic artists of today in a limited jewelry piece edition.

A format of yesterday, today and forever, revitalized through this collective adventure from a cosmopolitan, urban and modern approach where the artist Okuda San Miguel and the Suarez' artisans have worked together to deliver a series of pieces that reconstruct, on a small scale, some of Okuda's greatest works. Gold, diamonds and sapphires are employed for this pieces that recreate the characteristic chromatic games of the artist, always respecting his idiosyncrasy.

Okuda takes another step into this direction showcasing his colorful creativity in a collection consisting of four limited series: three rings and a bracelet, plus a pendant that will be reproduced as a unique piece, exclusive in its conception but accessible in its public exhibition. At the same time and in an open dialogue with the customer, some unique pieces will bolster the collection in a personalized form.

Okuda San Miguel, one of today's main international artists and creator of a unique surreal pop artistic universe. He is best known for his daring use of geometric patterns, and the chromatic range while also displaying a universal language more akin to humanism.

Joyería Suarez represents tradition and expertise in Spanish fine jewellery. With more than 75 years in the business, Suarez knows how to adapt to the aesthetics and tastes of every time period, becoming an undisputed reference in their field, always offering exceptionally designed products of high quality.

Ink and Movement is a professional platform, moved by its passion for contemporary art. The pledge with its artists is in constant evolution, searching for new challenges to bring art closer to the public through the organization of big events, management of artistic projects and the build up of unique cultural ventures.

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