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  • Press Release by Nicole Gordon

American Dotard: A Political Event, World Money Gallery



World Money Gallery will be hosting “American Dotard”, a political art event that will showcase an expose of witty, cutting edge artists to express their opinion on the current political environment one year into the Trump administration.

2017 has become quite a fascinating year when it comes to what we have witnessed in American politics after the ‘surprising’ results of the 2016 election,” says the curator of the show, Dan Alvarado. “All participating artists were asked to contribute to this show their concerns and the significant impact it has caused the country thanks to the 45th President of the United States and his Nationalist ideology.”

When asked about the title of the show, Dan’s response was, “We were all introduced to a word ‘dotard’ thanks to a feud between two thin-skinned leaders this year. Looking over all of the events that have happened this year within this country, I couldn’t think of a more fitting title to describe the deterioration of today’s political system.”

With well-known artists including Heath Kane, Nick C Kirk, Raul Barquet, Bart Vargas and more, this art exhibition that will be open from December 8-10 and will attract political activists willing to challenge not only the 45th President, but all of the other issues within American politics.

“American Dotard” will be displayed the weekend of December 8-10

with the art reception on December 8 from 6 pm - 10 pm.

World Money Gallery

41 Montrose Avenue

Brooklyn, New York

About the Exhibition:

The group exhibition “American Dotard” will be displayed at World Money Gallery in Brooklyn NY to comment on the deterioration of the current political system within the United States.

Where: World Money Gallery - 41 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

When: December 8, 6 pm - 10 pm

Buyers Preview: December 8, 12-6 pm (by appointment only)

Participating Artists Include:

Heath Kane, Nick C Kirk, Raul Barquet, Bart Vargas, Christian Hooker, Kristianne Molina, Dan Alvarado

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