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Sold Magazine's Ones to Watch for 2018

Yes, 2018 is already under way. The predictions have been made, last year reflected on, and most of us have broken our own resolutions by this time.... but the Sold Crew has taken this cold month to meet and discuss what we hope to see once we defrost. The cold might be keeping us indoors, but we look forward to what will happen when the ground thaws, and 2018 is already gearing up to be an exciting one! Here are just a few of the many artists you will see more of here on Sold, and out on the streets.

This is the 2018 Sold Magazine's "Ones to Watch".


In 2017, Teresa worked nonstop. From Sonic Jungle to First City Project, Spread Art NYC, JMZWalls, The International Hip-Hop Festival to almost a wall every block you turn down in Bushwick; Resa got up last year. She painted 3 walls for Denver CRUSH in September, and was flown back to "The Windy City" for a private commission after the Festival! Her nature is to keep going, and she's already had a show at Scrapyard, and the 1st Butcher Bar Showcase, sponsored by Sold Magazine. Keep an eye out for this one... she defines the word HUSTLE.

OG Millie

She's got colorful style, and original innovation. Her reimagining of the mirror as a canvas is a sign of forward thinking creativity. By featuring pop culture icons, she inspires the viewer to see a reflection of themselves in the idols.


With pop-up shop events during 2017 got his name out in a legit way, his stickers and wheatpastes are prevalent as well. In addition, he was a resident artist and traveling buddy of Dripped on the Road Residency program in 2017, so you know his characters are now seen across the US! Already in the midst of his 1st big project of 2018, Belowkey is teaming up with our favorite hero in a halfshell, Turtlecaps with a pop-up shop open NOW until February 2nd. No one is moving slow this year!


The mysterious artist Funqest, who conceals his identity behind a Japanese mask, is one to watch in 2018. When you see his art, you come into contact with varying colors, lines, and geometric shapes that connect harmoniously to form walls that are uniquely his style. A former Rock musician from Japan, Funqest is heavily influenced by Buddhism, Anime and, Magna. His street art can be found all over NYC, from El Barrio to the LES. Watch out for this abstract, urban artist who calls NYC home.

Website: IG: @funqest

L: LES Mural 12th/Ave C. R: Harlem Mural (2017)

La Femme Cheri

From SI, NY, La Femme Cheri is an illustrator and artist known for her signature Welshdolls. They are “fierce, fashionable, sexy, and strong. Characters with courage, color and attitudes that never back down.”

La Femme Cheri part of a collaborative mural of female artists at Richmond Hood Company (2016)

I first encountered La Femme Cheri’s work at “Coolin’ on Castleton,” a festival/block party near the retail store, Richmond Hood Company on SI. You may have come across her walls in Bushwick on Willoughby Ave. or on Troutman St. for the Bushwick Collective. This March, look out for the 2nd Annual Alpha Female Art Exhibit and First FEMCON. Save the dates: Friday 3/23/18 and Saturday 3/24/18 at Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave. Willoughby Ave. Bushwick (2017)

Will Power

Will has been around for awhile, not really new on the local Street Art scene; his yearly Santas are becoming a tradition in NYC.

From Hip Hop Angels done in highway underpasses in Jersey City to tributes to lost legends, Will has been tearing it up big time lately.

An Ex-Vandal and all round player in the game he is definitely one to watch.

Key Detail & Julia Yubaba

The power couple hailing from Belarus and now residing in Brooklyn has had a big year, painting incredible walls at mural festivals across the country and adding a bit of color with their unique styles to New York City walls. They even received the key to the city of Worcester, Massachusetts for contributing to its cultural landscape. It was a huge honor for them to be so well-received.

This year undoubtedly has big things brewing.


The artist known as Huetek has made quite an impact on the streets of Brooklyn this past year, painting works for JMZ Walls and the Dodworth Mural Projects. He painted his first wall in Wynwood, Miami this year and killed it.

JMZ Walls


The Star Man has had quite a busy year, painting solo gates as well as countless collaborative projects around New York City, projects in LA, Denver and beyond. Expect 2018 to be out of this world for this celestial creative. His first collaboration of 2018 already under way last weekend on St. Mark's in the East Village with Dirt Cobain.

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