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  • Press Release by Nicole Gordon

Allouche Gallery: "The Breakers" Solo Show by Emilie Stark-Menneg

Opening reception: Saturday January 6, 6-9 PM

Allouche Gallery is delighted to present "The Breakers", a solo show featuring the works of American artist Emilie Stark-Menneg. Emilie is increasingly recognized for her powerful technique, as well her refreshingly bright and playful aesthetic. The exhibition will be on view at Allouche Gallery starting on Saturday January 6. Emilie's work will also be exhibited as part of a group installation at Allouche Gallery's booth at Untitled, Art Fair San Francisco from January 12 - 14.

Emilie Stark-Menneg’s work is filled with ease and purpose, an eruption of joy, life, and love; "My work is about energy and transformation, about the divine, goofy and ineffable whirling together in a kind of tropical dance party gone haywire. In my show 'The Breakers,' joy becomes volatile, dangerous and excessive—a testament to the importance of living, loving and crashing through this life.”

The artist uses both acrylic and oil paint to fill her canvases with expressive, cartoon-like figures, whose stories are humorously filled with rainbows, palm trees, bubbles, sparkles, and flowers. Most importantly, Emilie’s creations awaken the viewer’s own innocent childhood imagination, offering a sense of mindful serenity.

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