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Rochester, NY: Downtown Denim Press Release

Please join us Friday January 26th at the Colacino Gallery at Nazareth College for Downtown Denim, a collaborative art project consisting of paintings on designer denim-covered panels. This installment marks the sixth show in this traveling exhibition consisting of collaborative works from more than 30 different artists from across the country and abroad.

Downtown Denim began as an experiment between diverse collaborators, including street artists, abstract and realist painters, sculptors and tattoo artists alike. Each panel in the exhibition has been individually worked on by at least two artists. The finished panels are then framed in Black Walnut wood from the Finger Lakes region of New York. The end result is an eclectic collection of artworks that are unified through cohesive material use.

List of Participating artists:

Ann Lewis - Austin Thomas - Balu - Ben Godward - Bludog 10003 - Carly Ivan Garcia - City Kitty - Chor Boogie - Chris RWK - Daniel Albanese - Dave Tree - Dawn Kelley - Dustin McBride - Erik Anders - Evan Green - Greg Dunn - Greg McKenna - Jake Lesher- John Perry - Jonathon Blake - Joseph Meloy - Lunge Box - Merrill Cox - Mr. Prvrt - Nat Joslin - Old Broads - Rob Servo - Ryan Ford - Scott Michael Ackerman - Sergio Coyote - Shannon McBride - TurtleCaps - Victor Cox - Voxx Romana - Walsh Hansen - Walter Biggs

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