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January Sold Magazine Staff Shots

Sold Magazine plans for many new things in 2018, but some things will remain. Our monthly collection of the freshest paint on the streets defines what we are all about. Our great team of artists is telling the stories that go along with our images we love to capture, even when the weather is against us! Enjoy the first of the year, and look out for more Staff Shots on the last day of every month - they are hot off the presses.

Erica Stella

Outersource WIP on St. Mark's, East Village 1.21.18

Joanna Pan

IDEAssk WIP, NYC (location undisclosed)

John Domine

Terry Urban WIP, Rag&Bone, Houston Street, NYC, 1.15.18

Sarah Sansom

Dragon76 WIP, Ichibantei, E 13th Street, NYC, 1.27.18

Keith Aronowitz

Fumero's tribute to Army of One/Jef Campion, First Street Green Art Park, NYC

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