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On The Road: Long Island Boutique Hotel

Making travel plans for the year can consist of big planning and strategizing. There are the kind of travel plans that consist of passports, online flight comparisons, long lines at the airport, delays, cancellations, and a jam packed agenda along the way.

There are also the local getaways. The quick trip that doesn't take too much packing or preparing. For New Yorkers, the Tri-State Area is such a cultural melting pot of history and art, it doesn't take much to try something different. A weekend away can give you all the refresh you need, and the short road is sometimes a longer journey to immerse yourself in.

On East Main Street in Riverhead, Long Island the Preston House Hotel and Restaurant opened its doors last month. The original house was built in 1905 by Suffolk County's first full-time sheriff and Civil War veteran, Henry H. Preston.

Joseph Petrocelli gave Sold Magazine an Exclusive access tour of the newly renovated 112-year-old home, and the 5 story, 20 room boutique hotel built on its north side. The top floor has a larger hospitality suite, with a view overlooking the Hyatt Place East End and Long Island Aquarium across the street.

From a more than 100-year-old historic house to a modern 21st century hotel and restaurant, the Preston House and Hotel will be the destination for Hamptons vacationers who prefer the boutique hotel lifestyle. When Petrocelli originally purchased the property, he intended to tear the home down and use the site for parking. But once inside, he decided he couldn’t demolish it. Instead, he would restore and renovate. The equally historic home next door would be salvaged from demolition, and potential next project. Working with the town, Petrocelli has saved two important historic homes on Main Street.

The restaurant bar houses the tribute painting of the original owner, Henry H. Preston by Zimer. Throughout the dining area are glass prints by Layer Cake.

In the spirit of these architectural structures blending, Petrocelli hired 2 of the hottest NYC urban street art artists in the game today, to adorn the walls of this unique structure. Entirely curated by Sean Sullivan AKA Layer Cake, he had the foresight to bring along Zimer for this project. A master graffiti artist, who has harnessed his can skills to blend his burner style with the female form in his red dress series.

The Preston House Hotel entry doors open to a lobby appointed with a front desk and seating area. Like the stone exterior facade and the guest rooms on the floors above, it is sleek and modern. Original mural on concrete by Zimer, and stencil on reclaimed wood door by Layer Cake adorns the public hallways of the hotel.

Pictured in front of the "Lady in the Main Lobby", Zimer also painted this mysterious beauty in different positions on each level of the hotel. Hair up, hair down, the brunette is even depicted upside down dangling from above.

The rooms (studios, one bedrooms and suites), feature polished stone floors, imported Italian marble and silk bed sheets. Each floor plan has a unique foot print that is refreshing and gives this sleek, modern design warmth. The splash of color on the walls are courtesy of Layer Cake. All one of a kind original paintings from the Preston House and Hotel Collection.

Sean Sullivan in one of the suite hotel rooms in front of his piece "Don't Go"

At Sold Magazine, we highlight this project, and celebrate these 2 artists for going outside of the box. The excitement of street culture and art that the public enjoys on their daily commute is a desired aesthetic. At the same time, maintaining the cultures authenticity is important. While some graffiti and street artists have found money to be made with advertisers and marketing campaigns, these two worked with a family owned business. With the recent stories in news, maybe these artists have found a happy medium.

I want to thank Joseph Petrocelli, and his entire family for inviting us to preview their latest project, and including some of favorite artists! And if you find yourself looking for a weekend get-away.... give the Preston House Hotel and Restaurant a try!

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