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  • Sarah Sansom

She Sure Can: Jason Naylor on Mott Street

On a chilly Sunday I watched and chatted with muralist, typographer and illustrator Jason Naylor, as he created a new mural in Nolita, NYC. You may be familiar with his bright colors, rich blacks and positive messages of his street work in FSG Park, Chelsea and Bushwick to name a few.

I love it when artists match their work - scarf by Nuno Wrap.

I asked Jason about the mural as he worked:

Sarah Sansom: What is 'She Can'?

Jason Naylor: "SHE CAN" is a Space NK initiative celebrating woman-owned beauty brands, and is correlating with International Women’s Day. Take a look inside the store, you can learn more from their friendly staff, and happy to help you out.

SS: Who is 'She'?

JN: "She” to me represents anyone. It happens to be Women's Day and all that, but really aren’t we equal? And isn’t that the real point? I believe that everyone can win; he, she, her etc... that’s irrelevant. Humans are equal… and anyone and everyone CAN! It's about possibility, opportunity, taking action and being what you want to be!'

The artist, with assistant Dakota Blue, laid down outlines the night before, then blocked in color. White photos John Domine.

Working from visual reference for speed: the mural was complete in under 6 hours.

As for the mural, he says,

"In 2011, I walked into this store on the corner of Prince and Mott Street. It was a different store then, but the same wall was there on the side, always covered in someone’s artwork. It was my dream to paint a mural on that wall. SO... I asked the girl at the register who selects the artists. 'The owner chooses them,' she replied. I wished it were me, but it wasn’t, and I went about my business."

With a graphic design background, the art needs to be precise.

Filling in color, then sharpening corners and edges.

Jason continues...

"TODAY, I painted that wall. March 4th, 2018: 7 years later. I didn’t ever think I would have this opportunity, but you know what they say about luck. Hard work and preparation meet opportunity... so I guess I’m lucky. I’ve been hustling, and I want to thank Fillin Global and Space NK for the opportunity. I guess we are all lucky!"

With production assistant Dakota Blue Harper - and you know it's done when it's signed.

Take a bow, Mr. Naylor

SS: My takeaway from the day? Jason is the living, breathing NYC proof. If you work at it, dreams really do come true.

Find out more about the artist's work at his blog and website.

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