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Get SPACED OUT: Buff Monster x DALEK

As a fan and collector of DALEK since high school, Buff Monster couldn't believe it when he was invited do a show with the renowned artist. With legions of international followers himself, I thought this was pretty modest.

The two came together to produce 'SPACED OUT', just opened at GR Gallery. The highly anticipated exhibition was, as gallery director Alberto Pasini described it, a wonderful juxtaposition of natural and geometric art forms.

At the entrance were traditional works by each artist, then as you walked into the gallery through a muralized corridor, the space opened out into more unexpected, less character-based works.

Untitled Buff Monster works with a softer style, 2018

Buff Monster, who has created murals for over 15 years and specializes in limited-edition collectibles under the 'Stay Melty' tag, has ventured into new territory. Softer, more organic work with less of the familiar strong outlines filled the wall.

As the artist described, these have been years in the making. There's lot of work that we as fans never see; the experiments in the studio, not all of which work out. The pieces we're seeing today are the successes, all created within the last 2 months.

Spray cans become art, and a 'Melty Misfits' trading card

James Marshall, known as DALEK, has evolved from the Japanese culture-inspired 'Space Monkey' icon that made his name.

As you can see, he plays with abstract color and dimension in his work. The style emerged from working with color to make things 3-dimensional without using shading, which he's not a fan of. Describing himself as easily bored, he's always pushing himself to find something interesting and explore that more deeply. There's not a finished plan, but he sees where the art takes him.

The gallery wall murals were a breakout moment for DALEK, who enjoyed painting at large scale. His canvases are usually small and intricate.

DALEK's mural, Space Monkey, 2014, and untitled works, 2016

DALEK graciously signed black books on opening night

I spotted a number of artist fans at the show, including Adam Lucas/Hanksy, Nick C. Kirk, Abe Lincoln Jr, and Karim Rashid, the famous industrial-designer-turned artist. This truly is a exhibition for art fans!

Check out the work until April 28:

GR Gallery 255 Bowery New York, NY 10002

Open daily 12 - 7pm

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