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FEMCON: Exhibition & Comic Convention

FEMCON, curated by Color Scenes and Educated Little Monsters, an "All Fem(ale)/Queer, 2 Day Exhibit and Comic Convention, is taking place at Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Avenue, this weekend.The opening is Friday, March 23 from 8pm-12am with an art exhibition, bar, DJ, and performances. On Saturday, March 24 from 4pm-10pm, there will be a comic/art convention with vendors and cosplay will be encouraged. Bring your wings, unicorn horns or favorite costumes! Also, there will be art, comics, pins, and more!

This is FEMCON’s first year and Color Scenes said, “I decided to change the language behind FEMCON. what I realized was that the language wasn’t inclusive. Learning more about gender pronouns and identities, I wanted to create a safe community event for women, LGBTQ communities centering people of color.”

FEMCON will, unfortunately, be the last event at Silent Barn, which for the past five years, was the headquarters for Educated Little Monsters, a local grassroots movement. They are now looking for a new home as a creative and artistic outlet for young people of color in Brooklyn. All door proceeds from FEMCON will go to the Educated Little Monsters fundraiser. Please follow this link to hear their story and donate to this important cause:

Silent Barn, a collectively run space founded in 2006, is committed to independent artists of all ages. Although this location at 603 Bushwick Avenue is shutting down, that doesn’t mean the end of Silent Barn. Check out the links below and look for updates on their website or on social media.

For more information, tickets, and how to donate:

FEMCON tickets or to sign up if you're an artist/vendor

FB FEMCON Event Page -

Donate to Educated Little Monsters -

Silent Barn -






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