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Sold Saturday

The inaugural Sold Magazine tour was a huge success!

There’s no one more knowledgeable than our very own, Bytegirl, a NYC licensed tour guide, who specializes in street art and graffiti. What started out as a Free Art Friday event turned into Sold Saturday, due to a rain delay. Whether it landed on a Friday or Saturday, there was still free art and goodies to be had. Participants received a tote bag, sticker pack, original pieces of art, and even met some of the artists! More importantly, there was a comprehensive and educational tour of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which in many ways, is the birthplace of street art.

The trail began at the intersection of 2nd Ave and Houston Street, the @amartstop wall, where artist, Danielle Mastrion, was painting her #WhatIf / #Marchforourlives mural of Parkland student, Emma Gonzalez. The tour saw a glimpse of Danielle working in progress and got to speak to her, and she was happy to talk to a group of interested on-lookers.

They also hit other famous spots like the Bowery Wall, the Obey mural (across from where CBGBs once stood), Ideal Glass (22 East 2nd St.), the loft at 57 Great Jones St. (where Basquiat lived and worked), East Village Walls at Julie’s Vintage (East 2nd and 1st Ave.), outside the eatery, Spiegel (26 1st Ave.), Freemans Alley, and on and on....

Bytegirl shared some background info. and stories on OsGemeos, JR, Icy & Sot, Sacsix, drSc0 (Dr. Scott), Voxx Romana, Raddington Falls, Jorit Agoch, Sonny Sundancer, Jerkface, Sean Slaney, Abe Lincoln Jr., plus many more!

The tour met up with other artists like, Sara Erenthal, just back from her trip to Tel Aviv. She joined near her Allen St. mural. JCorp., was giving a graffiti lesson in First Street Garden Park, and she talked about her art and showed us her fun, plush Boonicorn toys and pins.

FSGP (First Street Garden Park), was the last stop on this trek, near Jef Campion’s tribute murals by @fumeroism and @artofwillpower. Jef was an artist, a firefighter, and a 9/11 first responder, who may be gone, but will never be forgotten. A fitting place for Bytegirl to end this tour because Jef was a hero and someone who, as she said, “...ignited my love for all things Street Art.” This was just one of the very special stories we learned along Sold’s fundraiser tour.

If you come across street art and graffiti on social media or in person and are curious to know more about it, Why not join us next time? Bytegirl has so much more knowledge to share. You'll get a history lesson and you will also learn about the most current art found on the streets of NYC today. We’ll be exploring other neighborhoods and boroughs monthly!

For tickets to our next tour, please visit:

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