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  • Words and Photos by Julius July

Experience: The Dream Machine

Do you dream about interactive art installations that look good in your Instagram feed? If so, the Dream Machine is just the thing for you!

The Dream Machine is a new pop up playground created by Gary Johnson and Paige Solomon. Gary and Paige are said to work together at an experiential agency (I am available for hire with an experiential agency). *wink wink*

When you walk up to the building on N. 9th Street in Williamsburg, that houses the Dream Machine, you are greeted by an assembly of balloons. From there, you are taken on a journey filled with clouds, bubbles, ball pits, and psychedelic plants. There’s also a cool black and white backdrop to insert yourself into. And don’t forget to ask about the secret door in the laundromat!

Once the dream is over, you are left with a Biggie quote. I think you can guess which one.


The Dream Machine is open from April 5 through May 31 at 93 North 9th Street in Brooklyn, NY​

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