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MONOCHROME: Cj Hendry's 5th Solo Exhibition

Renowned New York based artist Cj Hendry is pleased to reveal her highly anticipated 5th solo exhibition: MONOCHROME.

MONOCHROME will open its doors to the public on Thursday, April 5th through Sunday, April 8th, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 276 Greenpoint Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A video of the exhibit will also be available on on April 5th.

The hyperrealistic artist, known for her iconic black and white pen drawings of objects and kitsch pop culture, is furthering her exploration of color. Hendry first delved into color last year in collaboration with Christian Louboutin, which showed at Hong Kong Art Basel.

I am new to color, not too sure if I understand it yet. Before, when I drew in black ink all the focus was on the object because all the emotion of color was removed. Now I stare at my drawings and feel...just different I can’t explain it”.

Color is exciting and sad and frustrating and confusing. Color is all around us, it’s everywhere. Color is not a physical thing, it’s a thing that describes something else. By drawing crumpled colored cards I have given color a physicality and form.”

MONOCHROME is born into a 22,000 sq. Ft industrial space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Hendry has designed a seven-room home around the art hanging on the walls. You will walk through seven distinct rooms, each room consisting of only one monochromatic color. Seven rooms, seven colors...this will be a visual feast for the senses.

People generally buy art as the last item, they find art to match their home. I have become close with my collectors over the years and have noticed how differently they live their lives. Art is the first thing they add to a space and they design their entire home around their collection. I have taken this concept to an extreme level. Each room has been designed to emulate the art on the wall. The art is the focus, everything matches the art.


About Cj Hendry

CJ Hendry (b. 1988) is a New York-based artist originally from Brisbane, Australia who transforms her fascination with contemporary material culture into large scale, photorealistic drawings of consumer goods ranging from the ordinary to the aspirational. A self-professed “lover of products,” Hendry is heir to the Pop art tradition that brought depictions of everyday objects into the gallery and the museum. But whereas Pop artists were often known for sly, sarcastic critiques of midcentury consumerist culture, Hendry gleefully embraces the capitalist ethos of our time. Her fifth solo show MONOCHROME comes to life in Spring 2018.

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