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Peanuts in Hudson Square

In the Peanuts comic strip, Lucy, set up in her psychiatric booth, would offer therapy and advice to Charlie Brown and the gang, which sometimes was misguided and not very helpful. Charlie would be depressed and Lucy would tell him to, “Snap out of it”, “Eat a jelly sandwich”, and ask for “5 cents, please.”

THE DOCTOR IS OUT with Mr. Andre aka Andre Saraiva's version of Woodstock and Snoopy

@andresaraiva Photo credit: @johndomine1


Art, on the other hand, is therapeutic and can instantly brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Popping up in Hudson Square and the surrounding streets around the Children’s Museum of Art, are Peanuts themed gates and walls and they’re not 5 cents, but completely free to see!

Skating Snoopy and Woodstock by Nina Chanel Abney @ninachanel


The Peanuts Global Artist Collective presented by Peanuts Worldwide in partnership with The Children’s Museum of Art and the Hudson Square Connection, began on April 16. The NYC murals kick off the US leg of the tour. The art is designed to inspire and bring communities together through themes found in the Peanuts comic strip like love, hope, friendship and, loyalty.

"Good Grief!" This one's by legend Kenny Scharf @kennyscharf


Along with NY, other cities that will experience this initiative are San Francisco, Mexico City, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo. Watch out for additional art to follow this Fall. Artists lending their interpretations of the influential work of Charles Schulz are Mr. A aka André Saraiva, Nina Chanel Abney, AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus), FriendsWithYou, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Rob Pruitt, and Kenny Scharf.

Lil' Cloudy Brown by "Friendswithyou" @friendswithyou


AVAF @assumevividastrofocus


Participating artists include: Rob Pruitt @robpruitt5000 ,top left

and Tomokazu Matsuyama @tomokazumatsuyama ,top right


You can plan your own walking tour by first visiting The Children’s Museum of Art at 103 Charlton St., NY, NY where you can get directions and a map located in the front window.

Please Visit –

The Peanuts Global Artist Collective

The Children’s Museum of Art

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